Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is one of the most basic dental procedures performed by dental professionals worldwide. As its name suggests, a tooth is extracted or removed by the dentist. Dr. Khan has performed many tooth extractions for our patients, young and adult, in Sacremento, CA. Smiles Dental Studio will first assess your condition and see whether your tooth needs extraction or will benefit more from another dental procedure.

Our Sacramento, CA dentist, Dr. Khan can best determine if your tooth needs to be extracted or if it can be saved. A tooth that is broken but not badly decayed may be fixed with a crown, onlay or some other procedure before extraction is recommended. We at Smiles Dental Studio feel it is best to go with the conservative approach to help you keep more of your natural teeth. We do our best to save a permanent tooth and keep it healthy for as long as possible. Tooth extraction is only done when a tooth is too far gone for other dental treatments to work.

In addition to tooth decay, there are other reasons why we may recommend a tooth extraction. A patient with over-crowded teeth may benefit from an extraction, and patients who will be receiving braces often have teeth extracted to make room for the necessary movement to occur. Dr. Khan may need to extract a tooth that prevents other teeth from growing in properly. Moreover, a tooth that causes major health issues, most notably an impacted wisdom tooth, will also need to be removed. Dr. Khan is well-trained to diagnose any dental situation and will recommend the best treatment solution for your dental concerns.

A tooth extraction may be simple or surgical. A simple tooth extraction is when the dentist can easily remove the tooth inside the mouth with the use of forceps. A surgical procedure, on the other hand, involves oral surgery wherein the tooth may not have fully grown yet or is largely covered by gums. Our Sacramento dentist may need to inject local anesthesia so that you will feel no pain during both types of tooth extraction procedures. Dr. Khan may also prescribe medication after the treatment for pain, bleeding and swelling. It typically takes at least 2 weeks for your gums to completely heal after the tooth extraction procedure.

Visit us in Sacramento, CA and we will evaluate your needs. We at Smiles Dental Studio know what’s best for your gums and teeth. You deserve healthy teeth and the best in dental care! Call us today at 916-575-7536.