Sedation Dentistry-Stress Free Care from Dr. Khan

Dental anxieties and phobias are very widespread, and can even keep some people from taking care of their dental health the way they should. If you are among those who feel anxiety or panic at the thought of dental work, oral sedation is a great way to get through any dental process comfortably and as painlessly as possible. We at Smiles Dental Studio in Sacramento, CA know that maintaining dental health is very important to your general well being. We would like to help our patients get rid of the anxiety they feel and even to look forward to visiting the dentist. With sedation dentistry, you will feel relaxed while undergoing treatment and the process can be completed without causing you undue stress. Dr. Neelofar Khan and our friendly staff are ready to assist you with sedation dentistry whenever you feel ready to proceed.

There are different types of sedation dentistry. There’s the oral sedation approach wherein Dr. Khan will prescribe a medication for you to take before your dental procedure. This medication is designed to make you more relaxed for your dental treatment. Some patients even fall asleep during the treatment process. Other methods involve general anesthesia, inhalation, or injections that all aim to reduce pain and anxiety during oral surgery or other complex dental procedures. Each of these types of sedation are doctor regulated so the process is safe. Dr. Khan is reliant on her years of training and experience to handle the different types of sedation dentistry. Many of her Sacramento, CA, patients come to her for their sedation dentistry needs.

As Sacramento, CA, is a bustling city, we know that most of our clients have busy careers and active lifestyles. With oral sedation, a lot of procedures can be comfortably completed in one visit, such as root canal treatments, crowns, multiple fillings, among others. Sedation dentistry is a good choice for people who are busy with work and don’t have the luxury of taking several days off for dental treatments that can more easily be done at one time under sedation. Many of our patients love the fact that they can have excellent dental care in fewer sessions without feeling nervous about the whole process. Trust Dr. Khan to deliver excellent dental services that will surely make you smile more.

We invite you to contact our practice in Sacramento, CA to talk about your needs. We offer oral sedation for both adults and children. We know that you want your dental treatments done as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Call us today at 916-575-7536. Dr. Khan and our friendly dental team at the Smiles Dental Studio are looking forward to seeing you!