Invisalign – Straighter Teeth with Less Stress

Have you ever thought of straightening your teeth, but were put off by the thought of enduring the discomfort of traditional metal braces? Were you afraid it might look strange to have a mouth full of metal braces as an adult? Good news! You can sweep those concerns aside! We at Smiles Dental Studio in Sacramento, CA are proud to offer Invisalign® – the clear alternative to braces. Dr. Neelofar Khan has undergone training for this invisible way to get your teeth straightened without the discomfort and unsightly appearance of conventional braces.

Using Invisalign clear aligners to straighten your teeth is simple, convenient, and comfortable. Most people won’t even notice that you’re undergoing treatment. People will notice your new, straight, great looking smile, though. The process begins with a visit our practice in Sacramento, CA. We will take photos and x-rays of your teeth, in addition to creating impressions. These will be used to create a 3D image of your mouth, allowing Dr. Khan to carefully design a treatment plan that is right for you. With this information, a series of clear aligners will be made that will gradually move your teeth to their desired positions. You’ll switch aligners on your own every 2 weeks; there’s no need to visit Dr. Khan every week for adjustments. She will need to check up on your progress every 6 weeks to make sure everything is going as planned. Every patient’s situation is unique, but in general, the whole process takes about 1 year to complete.

Invisalign is a fantastic way to straighten your teeth, because it’s very effective and very convenient to use. With traditional braces, many patients find their food choices limited, and oftentimes experience difficulty when performing routine dental hygiene such as brushing and flossing their teeth. With Invisalign these issues are of no concern. You can simply remove your aligners when you need to eat, brush, or floss. The best part of all is that Invisalign is nearly invisible. Your friends and acquaintances in Sacramento, CA will hardly notice that your teeth are under treatment.

Straighter teeth are within your reach in Sacramento, CA, with the Invisalign clear aligner system. Call us today at 916-575-7536 to learn more about this breakthrough advance in teeth straightening. We at Smiles Dental Studio look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer all your questions about Invisalign.