Dentures from Smiles Dental Studio, Sacramento, CA

As most people know, dentures, or false teeth, are prosthetic devices made to replace missing teeth. They rely on the hard and soft tissues of your oral cavity for support and position. Traditional dentures are removable, but advances in dental procedures have encouraged production of other denture designs for your convenience, sometimes they can be attached to dental implants or teeth. We at Smiles Dental Studio can provide you with the type of dentures that suits your needs and lifestyle. Make an appointment with Dr. Khan in Sacramento, CA and we will discuss the different types of dentures available to you.


Mastication, or chewing ability, improves when you replace missing teeth with dentures. It is easier to bite and break down food if you have a complete set of teeth. Likewise, dentures also provide aesthetic advantages because they complete the look of a full set of teeth. When you wear dentures, they help support cheeks and lips that otherwise look collapsed where teeth are missing.

Many of our Sacramento, CA patients indicate improvements in their speech and enunciation with dentures. Anterior enhancements give people clearer speech patterns. Because of the improved facial appearance and speaking abilities it provides, this prosthetic device can help boost your self-esteem and confidence.


There are two general types of dentures: removable partial dentures and complete dentures. Removable partial dentures suit patients who are missing teeth on a specific arch. Dr.Khan of Smiles Dental Studio in Sacramento, CA installs fixed prosthetics, also called crowns and bridges, by attaching them to the remaining teeth. They serve as abutments and pontics, mimicking the function of real teeth. They are stable and long lasting.

Complete dentures, also called full dentures, fit patients who have lost all of the teeth within a single arch – this can be in either the mandibular (lower) or maxillary (upper) arch.

Consultation is an important process in denture treatment. The dentist must obtain complete information of your dental condition to determine where to put the prosthetics. Your condition also affects the type of dentures to use. Dr. Neelofar Khan can recommend the best type of dentures to help replace your missing teeth. Call Smiles Dental Studio at 916-575-7536 for more information.