Sacramento Dental Implants from Smiles Dental Studio

A Cost-Effective Substitute for Missing Teeth

Sacramento Dental ImplantsAre you having problems with missing teeth? Do you want to avoid frustrations and other embarrassments caused by ill-fitting dentures? If so, Smiles Dental Studio can offer the right solution to brighten your smile. Our dentist, Dr. Khan can offer Sacramento dental implants to solve this dental problem and give you those perfect teeth you want.

Before implants became popular, dentures were used to replace missing teeth. Although they offer esthetic and functional features, these restorations often cause eating and speech problems. At Smiles Dental Studio in Sacramento, CA, you don’t have to worry about missing teeth and ill-fitting dentures any more. Our office provides synthetic and titanium implants that occupy the space of the missing tooth. With their metal framework, our implants can act as the substitute tooth root to provide better foundation for artificial teeth, permanent bridge, or dentures. Our restorations also look and feel like your original teeth, giving you a natural smile.

At Smiles Dental Studio of Sacramento, CA, we take time to understand your condition in order to provide high quality dental services. Dr. Khan will analyze your condition to ensure that you are a good candidate for the implant procedure. We will check your bone density to make certain that it can accommodate the titanium implant. We will also prioritize your health above all else—Dr. Khan will ensure you have a strong immune system before going through the procedure.

Our skilled cosmetic dentist, Dr. Khan is diligent in giving you the treatment you need. She will make sure the area is completely healthy and ready for the surgery before doing anything else, so as to ensure that the procedure will be successful. We also provide antibiotics to avoid the risk of infection and pain medications to reduce discomfort throughout the surgery and recovery.

Like any type of restoration, implants need maintenance so they can last as long as possible. With our assistance, you can develop a proper oral hygiene routine to preserve your restorations. We also make the effort of guiding you through recovery to ensure your excellent overall oral health.

For more information about our implant surgeries, please feel free to call our office at 916-575-7536. We are dedicated to providing the best dental services in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding area.