Crowns and Bridges

Sometimes, even the best of preventive maintenance routines doesn’t prevent all serious dental problems from creeping up on you. Excessive decay can sometimes make teeth too weak to support regular dental fillings. We at Smiles Dental Studio in Sacramento, CA, recommend the use of crowns in such situations, so that our patients can continue to use the tooth normally. Crowns prolong the life of your teeth and also improve their function and appearance. Bridges, on the other hand, are ideal for addressing the loss of one or a few teeth. Instead of using dentures or dental implants, Dr. Khan can anchor bridges to adjacent teeth and replace the missing one. This helps eliminate the chance that the remaining teeth will shift into the empty space and prevents the problems that could arise if that shifting were allowed to take place.

The effectiveness of crowns and bridges in treating dental problems depends on the patient’s condition and their level of commitment to proper oral health management. Knowing more about these treatments should help establish their advantages and proper applications. Dr. Khan of Smiles Dental Studio in Sacramento, CA will be more than happy to explain more about crowns and bridges to you if you are interested in the procedures.


Crowns refer to synthetic caps, often made from porcelain, that are bonded to the problematic tooth. A crown can be used to help restore tooth appearance and function in cases of cracked, broken, or significantly decayed teeth. Dr. Khan of Smiles Dental Studio in Sacramento, CA also recommends using a crown after a restorative treatment like a root canal.

Other uses of crowns include covering implants and attaching bridges. Crowns are also beneficial in enhancing the appearance of a tooth by covering stains or discolorations.


Bridges can replace one or a few missing teeth. Many of our patients prefer bridges because they are natural looking. It is often hard to differentiate bridges from natural teeth. We, at Smiles Dental Studio, will customize bridges to each patient’s existing natural teeth, dental contour and bite relationship. Occasionally, you may hear bridges referred to as fixed partial dentures.

There are several types of fixed dental bridges, conventional fixed bridges, resin-bonded bridges, and cantilever bridges. These are often semi-permanent and difficult to remove without dental assistance, providing a long lasting solution to your tooth loss problem.

Sacramento Dentist Dr. Khan of Smiles Dental Studio is proud to offer crown and bridge solutions for a range of dental problems. We tailor treatments to your individual needs. Our main goal is to provide reliable and effective dental appliances for better dental health. For more information about crowns and bridges, visit our practice at 4410 Duckhorn Drive, Suite A
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