Cosmetic Fillings from Smiles Dental Studio

In the past, any dental patient with a cavity had no choice but metal (amalgam) fillings to look forward to. Because of advances in materials technology, Dr. Khan can provide her patients with other options, including tooth-colored cosmetic fillings that are virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the tooth.

Standard treatment of cavities (also called dental caries) requires drilling a hole in the tooth to access and remove the decayed components of the tooth, then refilling the resulting hole with a substance that protects and restores the tooth. Smiles Dental Studio located in the heart of Natomas, Sacramento, CA, proudly provides expert cosmetic fillings to patients with the need to repair and strengthen decayed areas in the teeth.

A Short Look at Our Procedures

Before beginning the drilling process, Dr. Khan injects local anesthetic to numb the areas surrounding the affected tooth. After drilling a hole in the affected tooth, Dr. Khan will remove the decayed portion. Depending on your individual circumstance, tools used may vary. Dr. Khan may use lasers, air abrasion instruments, or the more familiar dental drill.

Testing or probing the area for any remaining decay is crucial. It is important to remove all affected components before filling the cavity. For decay that is close to the roots, Dr. Khan will place a protective layer over these to protect the sensitive nerve endings. This can be a glass liner, composite resin, or ionomer. This choice is dependent on Dr. Khan’s diagnosis regarding the cause of decay. The cosmetic filling material follows the application of the protective layer.  Dr. Khan will then polish the top of the tooth to eliminate excess material.

A special light is then used to melt the applied layer of filling material. When this layer hardens, Dr. Khan can add another layer of filling if necessary. Trimming and polishing complete the tooth restoration process.

Despite being a cosmetic procedure, some insurance policies cover cosmetic fillings due to their restorative benefits. Consult your dentist in Sacramento, Dr. Khan, regarding the appropriate filling to use. If you wish to protect your teeth from further cavity damage, we at Smiles Dental Studio can provide you with quality cosmetic fillings. They are durable, strong, aesthetically appealing and can definitely bring out the best in your smile.