Cosmetic Contouring by Dr. Khan

Dental cosmetic contouring is a modern advancement in dentistry that can be used to correct chipped, cracked, crooked or overlapping teeth. Depending on the patient’s condition, we at the Smiles Dental Studio in Sacramento, CA, may be able to contour teeth completely in one session.

Most people do not realize that making subtle changes can make all the difference between an ordinary smile and a great looking one. In fact, some dentists recommend contouring instead of braces. A primary advantage of dental reshaping is the minimal discomfort during and after procedure. You can have newly shaped and better looking teeth without complications. This method is ideal for changing the position, shape and length of your teeth.


Patients should consult with Dr. Khan for details of her procedures, including preparatory measures. Smiles Dental Studio of Sacramento, CA, uses computer imaging to show you how the changes in your teeth and smile will look after you receive the treatment. This can help you decide whether the process is right for you or not. X-rays are also important because they help Dr. Khan find and assess the size of your tooth’s pulp. Unless there is enough dentin within your teeth, it is impossible to undergo the procedure.

Dr. Khan, of Smiles Dental Studio in Sacramento, CA, will begin the contouring procedure by marking your teeth to outline the new shape. This makes the sculpting process more efficient. There are two primary tools used for sculpting teeth: the laser and the sanding drill. The process starts with removing tiny bits of the tooth, slowly, until the desired shape is reached. The next step is to use abrasive strips to refine the sides of your teeth. Smoothing and polishing finish the treatment. Most patients do not even require anesthetic.

Smiles Dental Studio can complete your reshaping treatment in one visit to our office in Sacramento, CA, however, some patients may need to schedule additional visits to ensure that their teeth have the desired contours. Reshaping can also address minor bite problems. Usually, you have to undergo cosmetic contouring if you received bonding. Please note that the treatment is individualized for each patient which obviously results in some variations in the procedure.

For more information on your reshaping solutions, you can contact our team and schedule an appointment.