Cosmetic Bonding by Dr. Khan

We all want to have confidence in our smiles, but stained and chipped teeth can wreak havoc on that confidence. At Smiles Dental Studio in Sacramento, CA, we can help brighten your teeth and bring back the smile that comes from within. Our office provides a wide range of treatments to make your teeth look their best and give them a natural, beautiful appeal. You can try our cosmetic bonding procedure if you want to achieve long-lasting results that are cost-effective.

Our cosmetic bonding process consists of placing an enamel-like material onto the surfaces of your teeth. Sculpted, hardened, and polished thoroughly, the material is designed match your original teeth and cover gaps and discolorations. The procedure only requires a single visit, making it a good option for those who prefer less invasive dental solutions. After the procedure, you can step out of our office showing off that perfect, white smile to your family and friends in Sacramento, CA.

Smiles Dental Studio offers different types of materials for the dental bonding. A popular choice among our patients is our composite resin procedure. This is ideal for covering chipped or slightly decayed teeth, and the results can last for years. This process is good for filling small cavities and covering broken, chipped surfaces.

We are proud to offer only high quality cosmetic bonding materials to our patients. If you choose our cosmetic bonding procedure, you will not have to restrict your diet to soft foods. Our materials are tailored to withstand tear, wear, and staining; Our goal is to provide our patients with long-lasting, attractive smiles.

Whether you want bonding or have questions about other cosmetic dentistry procedures, Dr. Neelofar Khan in Sacramento, CA can help you. Please feel free to contact our office. Dr. Khan and the friendly, welcoming staff at Smiles Dental Studio are passionate about addressing any concerns that you may have.